Dreaming Murakami /2017/ English, Japanese, Danish

Dir: Nitesh Anjaan
FiC Rating: 3.5/5

Why FiC recommends?
1) I’m not a huge follower of Murakami’s works but I enjoyed the documentary. I expected a take on the author’s life and the result was not what I was expecting, but it’s intriguing to sneak inside the psyche of the translator.
2) Dreaming Murakami is far from being labelled as one the BEST, but it is still an experience worth having if you know what you are getting into and it’s a must for those who love Haruki Murakami or Japan. I recommend it for non-Murakami fans as well as the soulful experience of the translator was something to take away from the documentary. Sit back and watch it Unfold.

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