Koozhangal (Pebbles) / 2021 / Tamil

Dir: P.S. Vinothraj;
FiC Rating: 5/5;

Koozhangal (Pebbles) – Trailer

1) ‘Koozhangal’ is undoubtedly one of the best directorial debut films India has seen in recent times, a movie that holds mirror to the emptiness of a drought-hit village in Tamilnadu, through just two of its main characters – an alcoholic & abusive father and his young son.
2) The kind of life the village shown in the film is strikingly close to the reality of many villages in India.
3) The father walks to his home with full of rage and anger to beat his wife, the son follows. While they walk, we get to see various faces of this drought-hit, left alone village. The film ends without concluding anything; because there’s no conclusion. The life goes on, the challenges continue!

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