Pedro (2021), Kannada

Director: Natesh Hegde;
FiC Rating: 4.5/5;

Pedro Movie Trailer
  1. ‘Pedro’ is a poignantly paced cinema that evokes the sense of sadness without doing any preaching.
  2. Set in a small village of western-ghats of India, the film is not just about the struggles of the protagonist, it’s also about the exclusion, exploitation and intolerance that’s somehow deeply tagged to the very culture of a country.
  3. In his debut film, the director Natesh Hegde shines with his signature styled realistic portrayal of characters and the landscape of his locality. Special mention to debutant Gopal Hegde (real life father of Natesh) for his true-to-himself acting as Pedro, that has taken the overall feel of the film to next level.

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