Traveling on One Leg/ ( Reisende auf einem Bein) / Romanian

FiC Rating: 3.5/5
Dir: Alexandru Petru Badelita
Why FiC recommends?
1) I’m impressed with the director’s ability to create a coherent and moving narrative in such a short runtime with lot of surprises including the surreal animation. He juxtaposes scenes with very quick chronological transitions to jarring animation effect and it is supported with an amazing score.
2) The aesthetic is absolutely unparalleled, as director Alexandru Petru Badelita allows the visual design to both originate from and convey thematic points, a truly extraordinary example of form and content blending into one another. As an example, the film is shot in postcard 4:3 ratio, which has the effect of confining the characters within the frame and give a unique feel.

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