The Whaler Boy /2020/ Russian

FiC Rating: 4.5/5
Dir:  Philipp Yuryev

Why FiC recommends?
1) The opening bird’s-eye view of butchering a whale sets the tone for the journey of Leshka, a teenage whale hunter from a small village located on the Chukchi coast. It’s an ordinary day in the Chukotka village. Locals slaughter a whale, divide the meat of the whale among themselves. The boring world of Leshka slowly starts to crumble and everything changes with the emergence of the Internet in the village. On the surface, this might sound like a simple road journey of a man to find love. But there is so more that lingers in the cold bleak journey, the movie completely takes a shift as it progresses. There is a Lynchian style storytelling that creates uncertainty and filled with metaphors as the film travels.
2)  If you love gripping character study devoid of cliches and want to experience something fresh and otherworldly. I’d readily suggest you check this out, immerse yourself and enthusiastically recommended it for Arthouse lovers.

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