Your Name/2016/Japan

FiC Rating 5/5
Dir: Makoto Shinkai
Why FiC Recommends?
1) Backed by sumptuous visuals and vibrant narrative Your Name concocts it’s ethereal body swapping discourse centred on Mitsuha, a girl from the remote mountain town of Itomori and Taki, a handsome and self-effacing Tokyo boy.
2) Your Name embraces a Ozuesque poise while meditating on separation and yearning and delineates the larger cosmic forces that shapes our existence on earth.
3) In your journey of cinephilia you seldom come across a film that makes you ponder over the vastness of the universe or the grand design of creation and destruction, Your Name belongs to that rare lot, an otherworldly, transcendental cinematic masterpiece that fortifies your love for cinema.




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