FiC Rating: 4/5
Dir: Abhishek Shah
Setting: Rural

Why FiC recommends?

1) Offering a profound insight into the psyche of women in the countryside, the movie projects the secret longings and yearnings of ‘the second sex’ through the metaphor of Garba. Will they be able to unleash their dreams and break free of the invisible shackles of patriarchy? Or will they continue to live a life of silence under the diktats of men?

2) Based on a folklore, the simple storyline is complemented by commendable direction.From the sweeping shots of the parched lands to the sadness swimming in the eyes of the women relegated to an insipid existence, the scenes are augmented by the poignant lyrics,lilting music.

3) A symbol of unity, the vivacity and the zest of the traditional dance form of Garba is brought to life by the characters who channel years of angst into a spontaneous and synchronized number.

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